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Ben Dinger ben at mac-geek.com
Tue Jun 22 18:30:55 UTC 2004

On Tue, Jun 22, 2004 at 10:47:18AM -0500, Bill Brush wrote:
> All in all I'm glad Novell takes their certs seriously.  If they didn't
> that CNE I earned wouldn't mean much.
> I took a practice Novell CLE test cold and I did alright on it (close to
> passing), but I was already very familiar with Novell services and that's a
> lot of what the test is.  The test is aimed at certifying that you know how
> to set up and run the Novell Nterprise Linux Services (NNLS) package with a
> little bit of Linux knowledge thrown in.  Novell recommends that you have
> your LPI level 1 cert before taking the CLE test.
> I'm working my way through the NNLS courseware right now (well I started
> about a month ago anyway), and while it takes a bit of study there's
> nothing overly complicated in the way any of it works, it's just that it's
> several different modules in one package that do very different things that
> are relatively independent of each other, so you have to learn each piece.

I agree in volumes.  I didn't mean to come off as sounding like I was trivializing Novell, in fact quite the opposite, they are my new favorite tech company ;). 

That's good to hear, though.  Couple of the guys on a Novell-linux list I'm on claimed that the NCLE was just a big, evil, hard test.  Personally I'd not even know where to start with it, I'm new to Novell and haven't even touched NNLS yet. 

I'm working on the CNE right now, and after that I plan on moving to NCLE.  Any suggestions for good study material beyond just using NNLS in a lab? 

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