[olug] Fathers Day gift ideas...

Trent Melcher tmelcher at trilogytel.com
Thu Jun 17 16:45:28 UTC 2004

Checkout www.thinkgeek.com

They have some pretty geeky stuff for alright prices.....my kids(wife
assisted) got me the LED Binary clock last year....


Trent Melcher
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Startouch International LTD.

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Ok guys, it's close to Fathers Day and both I and my dad are computer
geeks (as are most of us on this list).  I'm looking for a sub-$25 gift
to give him that falls well in the geek catagory, and is also practical.

What is everyone else hoping to get?

My short list would be a 128MB/256MB USB keychain, but even the cheapest
128MB are still $30+ (and I'd really like the 256MB over 128MB anyway).

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