[olug] nfs user map issues

Sam Tetherow tetherow at nicusa.com
Wed Jun 16 17:02:01 UTC 2004

You can do UID mapping in NFS 'man exports' gives an explaination.  I 
haven't done it because I usually set my machines up with the same uids 
but when it isn't feasible or practical you should be able to map_static 
or map_daemon options in the exports file on the nfs server.

Ryan O'Rourke wrote:

>On Wed, 2004-06-16 at 11:23, Ryan O'Rourke wrote:
>>I've got an NFS share mounted locally at /mnt/nfs/lnxfile
>>The user that owns all the directories on the server is UID=100
>>"sambaguest". On my local machine UID=100 is "nagios". When I list
>>/mnt/nfs/lnxfile it says user nagios owns all the directories. [snip]
>>How can I make NFS not map the local user like that?
>Sorry for replying to my own post, but after some googling (I know, I
>know, should have done that first - you can all flog me later), I found
>some documents describing my problem and how it's necessary to keep UIDs
>standard across all systems on a network that you plan on implementing
>NFS on. I just didn't think there would be such an obvious "gotcha" in
>NFS, but now I'm experiencing it firsthand.
>Now that I understand where the problem lies, is there any way to
>straighten this out without completely screwing up a bunch of systems on
>my network? Can one edit /etc/passwd UID numbers and not blow things up?
>usermod -u?
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