[olug] roommate needed

neal rauhauser neal at lists.rauhauser.net
Thu Jun 3 00:24:37 UTC 2004

  We've had one exceedingly thirsty room mate and we never, ever want to
repeat that again. He paid his bills but he'd come home at 2:30 in the
morning on weeknights and chain smoke. We were afraid he'd pass out with
one lit and kill us all :-(

  Maybe I should have said something about the sort of tricks we'd play
on a frequently loaded room mate? Social drinking wouldn't be an issue,
its the antisocial drinkers we'd like to strain out in advance.

Patrick Olsen wrote:
> no drinking? ehhh
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> >Subject: [olug] roommate needed
> >Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2004 09:28:20 +0000
> >
> >
> >
> >     Two boring adult men seek a third room mate to share a house in the
> >Field Club area. The room is 12'x16', newly painted, cabled for TV, and
> >has an in room air conditioner. Parking is on a relatively quiet side
> >street. There is plenty of storage space in an attic with pull down
> >stairs and some room left in the basement. If you need to move in right
> >away you must be able to tolerate a bit of disorder, as the stairwell is
> >currently being drywalled and painted.
> >
> >     Geek wise, the house is wired with Cox business cable and there is a
> >spare public IP address available. I have maybe 30 gigs of jam band MP3s
> >online and somewhere, out there, an MP3 server with 27,000+ tracks
> >allows access from our address range. The 19" rack in the basement has
> >plenty of room to spare and it currently hosts a small Cisco
> >routing/MPLS lab. I've moved my Routing and Remote Access stuff to a
> >small office but I don't mind sharing access to that.
> >
> >    We're looking for a non drinking, non drugging, non smoking adult
> >type - this is a perfect setup for a graduate student looking for a
> >quiet environment.
> >
> >
> >    Please pass this along if you know anyone who might be interested ...
> >
> >
> >
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