[olug] MythTV

John Dickson jman at neonramp.com
Wed Jun 2 13:26:20 UTC 2004

There is also KnoppMyth. It installs quickly and requires very little 

PS wrote:

> Hello All,
> I am looking for recommendations on setting up my MythTV box.  I 
> finally have all of the hardware (Dell GX260, Pent4 2GHz, 512M ram, 
> PVR250, nVidia Geforce 5200 and a 120G hard drive).  However, I can 
> not determine which OS or method to use in setting everything up.  So, 
> oh wonderful and mighty OLUG group, do I start with Myth 0.15? do I 
> use apt-get? or build from scratch? do I use Fedora Core 1 or 2, or 
> how about Suse 9.1 Pro?
> I do not mean to start a distro war, I just want to get my Myth box 
> built and still have some sanity to enjoy the fruit of my labors.
> Thanks for you time and consideration,
> Patrick
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