[olug] (Slightly OT)copying data from Solaris computer

Jay Swackhamer Jay at RebootTheUser.com
Thu Dec 16 15:06:31 UTC 2004

The best/easiest way would be a text dump of the database, but if you just
want to clone/copy the exact setup now and dump it later,

Get a laptop/other machine on the network with enough disk space,
and do a cpio via nfs, or alternatively you could just dd each filesystem
to a file.


Here's an easy way to duplicate a system on-line.

1. Bring up the new system on a boot cd (knoppix/gentoo/redhat recovery)
2. fdisk
3. mount new partitions
4. startup nfs (/etc/init.d/nfs start)
5. setup /etc/exports and export each of your mounted partitions
6. mount the partitions on the existing server via nfs

examples:(based on a gentoo boot disk, guide only not exact for every system)

mkfs -t ext3 /dev/hda1
mkreiserfs /dev/hda2
mkswap /dev/hda3
swapon /dev/hda3
mkdir /mnt/new_server
mount /dev/hda2 /mnt/new_server
mkdir /mnt/new_server/boot
mount /dev/hda2 /mnt/new_server/boot
/etc/init.d/nfs start
vi /etc/exports
exportfs -a
ssh existing_server
mkdir /mnt/new_server
mount new_server:/mnt/new_server /mnt/new_server
mount new_server:/mnt/new_server/boot /mnt/new_server/boot
./clone_partition.sh /boot /mnt/new_server/boot
./clone_partition.sh / /mnt/new_server

#---cut here
/mnt/new_server *(rw,no_root_squash,sync)
/mnt/new_server/boot *(rw,no_root_squash,sync)
#---cut here

#---cut here
# clone_partition.sh

cd ${LV_MOUNT1}; find . -xdev -depth -print | cpio -pdm ${LV_MOUNT2}
#---cut here

> Got this from a friend.  His friend sold his tire business and the new
> owners are trying to keep his data/system.  I don't know if the DB is
> SQL but any ideas to help him out would be GREATLY appreciated!  Can you
> run ghost on a Solaris box?  Is there an alternative to ghost in the
> Unix world?  Has anyone heard of this DB system and has ideas for
> exporting the data??  I am going to check some other avenues as well...
> Thanx for any ideas!!
> Craig Wolf
> Linux Web Server Support
> Desktop/Network Specialist
> 402-894-6283
>>>> Forwarded Message 12/15/2004 >>>
> The Sun workstation the programs and data are on is identified as a
> sunw.ultra -5.10, sparc sun4u.  The OS says Solaris Open Windows 3.6.
> The program on the system that has all the financial data and inventory
> and customer databases is ASA Tire Systems version 4.9.0 for Solaris and
> is dated 06/09/00.  What I am hoping to do is either export the customer
> and tire database information to a Windows based computer so that the
> new owners will have their copy of the data and be willing to release
> the old Solaris workstation and the programs and data on it.  A second
> option I was considering was copying all the contents of the drive to
> another hard-drive and then either looking for a used Solaris system
> somewhere are finding some other system that would be able to retrieve
> the data.
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