[olug] 2005 Desktop Linux Summit

Aaron Grothe ajgrothe at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 6 06:14:29 UTC 2004

Fine Tim,  go to the Desktop Linux Summit, and even get paid to do it :-)  But don't expect the
rest of us to drink the Lindows^H^H^H^Hspire Kool-aid.  This event last year was supposed to be
"open" and then Lindows pulled the Carpet out of the Open Side of things.  Hopefully this year is
better, but I have my doubts.

Anytime Linspire is involved with anything I'm a bit cautious.  I did sign up for their choice pc
thing where they promised to fight for Open software then they go and take $20 million from
Microsoft so I might be a tad bitter.

Here is the slashdot story that talks about last year's event 

I hope you find it useful, but I think the Ottawa Linux Symposium or a Linux World is a better
event, for your employer's dollar.


"The Journey is the Reward" - Old Zen Buddhist Saying

--- Tim OBrien <IrishMASMS at OLUG.ORG> wrote:

> The Desktop Linux Summit is February 9-11, 2005 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds
> in San Diego, CA [http://www.desktoplinuxsummit.org/]. It appears that my
> work will be sending me; will anyone else be attending?
> If not, why not? ;)
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