[olug] Linux-Friendly MP3 Players? (iRock, etc.)

Tim & Alethea Larson thelarsons3 at cox.net
Sun Dec 5 02:53:25 UTC 2004

Tim OBrien wrote:

><quote who="Tim & Alethea Larson">
>>All you people with your fancy schmancy MP3 and streaming audio.  Bah!
>> I have a pigeon that carries sheet music strapped to its leg!  ;)
>I do not have that fancy schmancy MP3 player yet.. just wait though, the
>paycheck for my new job is coming sooner than Santa... And Fry's
>(http://www.frys.com/lasvegas.html) is just down the street from my
>office, and those iPods looked awesome this afternoon! :p

We've thought about an iPod too.  I don't know why car audio systems 
aren't coming standard with audio-in jacks these days.  The FM 
transmitter doohicky is a kludge, IMO.

>Tim, I just have to ask - what is there worth listening to on the radio
>waves in Omaha other than NPR?

Mostly I listen to KFAB these days.  Any music station I find seems 
sooooo repetitive.  At least talk radio is always something different.


Tim & Alethea

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