[olug] [OT] satellite radio & video killed the radio star [was: Linux-Friendly MP3 Players (iRock, etc.)]

Tim OBrien IrishMASMS at OLUG.ORG
Wed Dec 1 17:30:10 UTC 2004

<quote who="Martin Willett">
>> Tim OBrien wrote:
>>>But does anyone listen to
>>>broadcast radio any more?
> Yep, I'll totally agree that 98% of broadcast radio isn't worth
> listening to, much less recording, but it's cool that my iRiver knows to
> record the car guys or Radio 360 every week. Despite the fact that most
> radio stinks and that XM and Sirius will be taking over (ensuring that,
> like water and TV, everything that was once nearly free will eventually
> not be), does it strike anyone else as weird that, despite the ubiquity
> of the VCR and now TiVo and the like, radios that could time-shift and
> record even to (horrors!) audiocassettes never caught on? (I only
> remember seeing one for sale before the MP3 era). It must cost less than
> $1.50 to add an FM tuner and clock to an iPod-like device. Maybe it has
> more to do with the bizarre notion that you're a bigger copyright
> criminal for recording and sharing music than for recording and sharing
> TV shows.

Ahh - I did not know that the iRiver could record shows from the radio.
Now that is something I am interested in - record the specific two hour
window that the college radio station actually plays something I am
interested in, which just happens to be at 2 - 4 am on a Monday morning.
Now I'm going to look at these device more closely. Thank you for making
my personal holiday present list longer! ;)

If anyone is considering XM and Sirius; I would highly suggest seriously
researching your options; and see if you can borrow a receiver for a few
days. A friend of mine just canceled his Sirius service, for some of the
same reasons I decided I did not want it. You are supposedly paying $10 a
month for commertial free, well it is not commertial free. Not to mention
I found the selection of music lacking, and there is no way to find out
the playlist for the stations. Though the reciever does look cool. ;)

BTW, you must have missed the press releases last week from the MPAA about
their prosecution of individuals sharing TV shows & movies over the
Internet. Everything you hit on has to do with the old school managemnt
wanting to squeze as much green out of us & not let go of the monopoly
they created so long ago.

Gives me even more reason to support Creative Commons & independet artists.

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