[olug] Linux-Friendly MP3 Players (iRock, etc.)

Martin Willett mwillett at highstream.net
Wed Dec 1 03:42:53 UTC 2004

> Tim OBrien wrote:
>>But does anyone listen to
>>broadcast radio any more?

Yep, I'll totally agree that 98% of broadcast radio isn't worth
listening to, much less recording, but it's cool that my iRiver knows to
record the car guys or Radio 360 every week. Despite the fact that most
radio stinks and that XM and Sirius will be taking over (ensuring that,
like water and TV, everything that was once nearly free will eventually
not be), does it strike anyone else as weird that, despite the ubiquity
of the VCR and now TiVo and the like, radios that could time-shift and
record even to (horrors!) audiocassettes never caught on? (I only
remember seeing one for sale before the MP3 era). It must cost less than
$1.50 to add an FM tuner and clock to an iPod-like device. Maybe it has
more to do with the bizarre notion that you're a bigger copyright
criminal for recording and sharing music than for recording and sharing
TV shows.  

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