[olug] xbox

Andrew Holm-Hansen olug at einer.org
Thu Aug 28 14:04:00 UTC 2003

No soldering necessary.  I plan on installing linux on mine once I get
my network settled in the living room.  I too plan on using it as a
MythTv front end unit.  First thing's first though.  Gotta wedge linux
onto it, and I gotta get the xbox media pack.  

Basically, the only reason you'd solder anything is to mod the box to
accept a bios that will allow you to play copied games.  You can run
linux on an xbox, and still play legal games on it without soldering or
chipping it.  You just need a working linux box, a portable usb drive
(one of those keychain drives would work), a special usb controller
adapter, the game "MechAssault"  and spare time.  



On Wed, 2003-08-27 at 18:26, Patrick Olsen wrote:
> Is there anyone wanting to load linux on an xbox? i was going to try and 
> figure out how i have an xbox i really dont care about and wanted to mess 
> with it. You dont really need to have your own i guess we could just mess 
> with mine. Welp just let me know if someone is interested id rather stay 
> away from any soldering if at all possible but if someone is great at 
> soldering i guess ill do it i like to gamble well just e-mail me if you want 
> to.
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