[olug] OLUG Project Club???

Tim - DZ iceburn at dangerzone.com
Tue Aug 26 16:58:25 UTC 2003

Getting the card into the xbox will be the hard part.  Xbox has built in
USB, but no PCI, AGP, ISA, etc slots.  I won't go so far as to say it
can't be done, but I would guess that it would require some heavy
modification to put a card in.


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If I ever get around to it I plan on using an xbox for a mythtv  
frontend, while doing the capture/encoding on the athlon in my home  

$140 for refurb xbox + $60 for stereo capture card + $20 for misc stuff

(keyboard cable, game rental, etc) + Existing linux box with lots of  

$200 tivo isn't bad, cheaper now that you don't need a mod chip. It can

play mame games too, that alone is worth it. I need my SMB3 fix.

-- Daniel

On Tuesday, August 26, 2003, at 10:55 AM, Andrew Holm-Hansen wrote:

> an xbox can run linux without soldering, or even opening the box.
> http://xbox-linux.sourceforge.net/
> articles.php?aid=1&sub=Preparing%20the%20Xbox%20FAQ
> No reason for a mod chip that I can think of.  This is a fairly recent

> turn of events.  Too bad you let the magic smoke out of your xbox
> before
> this became available.
> einer
> On Tue, 2003-08-26 at 10:33, Patrick Olsen wrote:
>> I would be willing to work on a Linux xbox project it just sits there
>> any
>> way might as well learn something new with it. I fried a couple xboxs

>> trying
>> to solder the d0 pin with the x 2pro mod chip had it working once but

>> the
>> wire came loose and went in to mess with it. As I was soldering my  
>> friend
>> came in scared the he11 out of me and drip drip solder all over the  
>> board.
>> Good thing Wal-Mart has great return policy not that I took back bad

>> xbox I
>> messed up or anything. I got the xbox for free from my boss for a  
>> good job
>> gift or something like that not really sure why he gave it to me  
>> brand new
>> out of the box so im willing to do anything with it really.
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>>> I've done the xbox linux.  What I'm curious about is a cluster of
>>> xbox's
>>> ;-)
>>> -t
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>>> Subject: [olug] OLUG Project Club???
>>> Hi,
>>> I've been thinking about doing something similar to a
>>> book club for a while for Linux and other Open Source Projects.  The

>>> idea is instead of reading a book to do a project with some other 
>>> intrested people, sharing experiences and the like, then pretty much

>>> give a report on the project at an olug meeting when things
>>> hit a pretty good point.  Also we'd put up our notes
>>> somewhere for those brave souls who follow after us.
>>> The overall proposed rules for the club would be
>>> pretty simple
>>> o - must be a relatively cool project
>>> o - cannot cost a huge amount of money: say $250 - Max already 
>>> having a cheap PC or the like could reduce the amount by quite a bit
>>> o - while it does not have to advance the state of the
>>> art it must be semi-cutting edge or cool
>>> o - project can be ongoing, but has to reach a point
>>> where the level of effort goes down
>>> o - must be able to apply to people of multiple skill
>>> levels (hopefully the group will be able to help newer
>>> people have success :-)
>>> o - cannot expect huge amounts of time from the people
>>> involved a couple of hours a week should be sufficent
>>> to show progress
>>> Quick list of ideas (some are good, some bad - it is
>>> left to the read as an exercise to figure out which
>>> are which)
>>> o - xbox linux, several people on the list experiment
>>> with Linux and the xbox - perhaps taking different approaches e.g. 
>>> full replacement, mod-chip and the like
>>> o - linux on usb boot drives - linux in your pocket
>>> some distros such as Damn Small Linux http://www.damnsmalllinux.org
>>> would be ideal candidates for this.  Might also work into a security
>>> project I want to do sometime o - rolling out the 2.6 test kernels
>>> test boxes and seeing how things go with a wide variety of hardware

>>> work
>>> loads and the like o - hacking tivos - they are embedded linux after

>>> all
>>> o - making freevos or other similar projects - I know a couple of  
>>> people
>>> in the group, have already done this but I still have to o -  
>>> something
>>> with the gnu radio project, have not done anything with this o -
>>> video conferencing/internet telephony under Linux o - Linux on WEIRD
>>> hardware?  E.g.  I have a webplayer from Virgin (which is a little
>>> flatscreen PC that I've been thinking about putting DamnSmallLinux  
>>> on).
>>> I'm sure others must have equally weird machines E.g.  Old
>>> one off hardware and the like.
>>> Who am I?  My name is Aaron Grothe.  I used to be President/CEO of a

>>> company called Heimdall Linux.  We were working on a Common Criteria

>>> certified version of Linux about 4 years ago before our VCs turned 
>>> out to be crooks and that was the end of that.  I'm currently
>>> doing the DBA thing out at infoUSA.  I'm pretty much a
>>> lurker on the mailing list putting my head up every
>>> now and then.
>>> Personally, I'm probably going to do a Linux/Xbox
>>> sometime later this year and would be curious if other people are 
>>> interested in little bit of reverse engineering and possible DMCA 
>>> violations.  In the worse case I get a new black and green case for 
>>> an athlon motherboard in the best case I get a new Linux
>>> box.
>>> Regards,
>>> Aaron
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