[olug] SCO whackin' ?

Trent Melcher tmelcher at trilogytel.com
Tue Aug 26 14:59:46 UTC 2003

Well I have been slowly decommisioning SCO boxes for Linux boxes.  We dont
have 1000's only 12.  I have 5 that run Brooktrout Cards for Telephony use
which Im going to convert to linux as soon as I can get them to run the
Brooktrouts.  The others are running some legacy Apps written to run on the
SCO platform which we are also rewritting to run on Linux.  Its slow going,
but we hope to be SCO-free by the end of the year.  We already became
MS-free 3 months ago on the server side,  most of our desktops still run MS
98 however.


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  I've said it before and I'm still seeing slashdot articles about it -
when are we going to make a concerted effort to uproot SCO products?
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