[olug] BSD interest

neal rauhauser neal at lists.rauhauser.net
Sat Aug 23 17:48:28 UTC 2003

   Can we get a show of hands from 1.) knowledgeable BSD users and 2.)
people who want to learn more about it?

    I mentioned a BSD installfest a while back and the only responders I
saw were people who already had the stuff - that doesn't qualify as
interest for an installfest IMHO.

    If there is enough interest I'd be willing to help with an
installfest and after that I'd be willing to teach something ... say
four hours worth ... on how to maintain a FreeBSD install once its in
place - firewalling, service control, how to install stuff from ports,
how to do an OS upgrade, etc.

    I'd also love to see a knowledgeable OBSD user step up and offer the
same thing - I'm particularly in need of some pf wisdom and cvsup &
major upgrade skills.

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