[olug] Kernel upgrade knocked out sound?

CM Miller cmmiller1973 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 20 22:00:28 UTC 2003

--- Jason Mollner <jjmollner at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I figured that since Knoppix uses Debian-style
> package management, you
> should do things the Debian way.  If you want to use
> the latest non-debian
> kernel and alsa modules but still use kpkg, here is
> a good howto:
> I've used this for the unstable release on my laptop
> with no problems.
> My bet is that you forgot to install the new alsa
> modules with dpkg -i or
> you that you are somehow no longer a member of the
> audio group.
> If you want to use Knoppix sources, just make sure
> that apt-get's
> sources.list file is pointing to a knoppix server
> and follow the
> instructions on the link above.  Everything should
> still work the
> same.

The reason I used this kernel, is that is has acpi
with it, which Knoppix did not have nor installed when
I did the install.  

I got tired of the laptop leaving burn marks where I
set it and draining the battery a 2 hr battery in a
few minutes. 


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