[olug] Aug 5 = Good Meeting!

mØntar3 m0ntar3 at cox.net
Fri Aug 8 03:11:57 UTC 2003

doh! the next one's always a month away..

.. being a month away, what about the mysterious ways of "shaping" for a 
topic? industrial usage? is it actually being used by people for 
purposes other than intellectual violence?

.. recently, i've been choking myself off with bittorrent downloading 
massive quanties of "shorten" and "flac" files ... full concerts from 
"trading friendly" musicians (bands that allow "tapers" to redistribute 
shows) ---- red hat iso's are also available via bittorrent. i've downed 
+30 gigabytes of pure unadultered musical ecstacy in the past 3-weeks 
(and i'm wonder when i'll get notice from cox about "usage") --- the 
quantity is match only by how much i've downloaded at work! no 
compliants there either (yet.)

a little note about the bittorent service, it continues uploading after 
the file has been downloaded (give-back philosophy). i shit-you-not, one 
afternoon at work, i had a +500 kB/s stream going off my desktop at 
work! ... ok, ok, i exagerate, i only calculated it at 498 kB/s :-| 
that's bytes not bits.

.. so, anyway, with all that downloading at home, and the subsequent 
uploading on my cable modem's max 256 kb/s (that's bits not bytes), i 
bit hard pressed to hide my www browsing via by ssh, squid, named cache, 
proxy service in my usual manner. not to mention, the irc lag is 
oppressive (and it's also tough to get any home squid dev done with all 
that latency (dont worry, i get plenty "real" work done, i just do this 
stuff on breaks.) actually, i exagerate (again), i'm that good (bad ego, 
down boy)..

... so, anyway, i figured i'd look into "shaping," and my journeys led 
me to "man atlq" and "man atlqd" and "man atlq.conf" on my 
netbeast-1.6.1 thingy i got .. also led to become informed that altqd 
got integrate into pf in openbeast-3.1 ... a hear a train a comin'

.. so, anyway, i figured that with all the brain power and industrial 
experience and pure geekdome present on this list ... can anyone say 
"flashmob?" .. i thrust forth the proposal for an "shaping" presentation 
for next meeting .. i volunteer time and research to present the 
beastily side of it (altq) if peep's give a shout out on the linux tip 
... if anyone reads this far, i know i wouldn't -

.. so, anyway, i bet for suits wouldn't mind hearing about how they can 
get desktops on their corp-lan from serving out 498 kB/s (that's bytes 
not bits) streams ..


Jon H. Larsen wrote:

>Hats off to Pete for doing a great Squid (http://www.squid-cache.org) 
>Also, it was good to see all the regulars and some of the new 
>faces stop by.
>All in all, a very good meeting IMO.
>Jon L.

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