[olug] Konqueror problems.

Don E. Kauffman dkauffman at tconl.com
Sat Mar 23 19:48:20 UTC 2002

I'm using KDE as my desktop. and it's set up to use Konqueror as the preferred
browser. I have no objections to uising Konqueror except that it doesn't
start up correctly. Where do I go to figure out what is happening?

Here's what happens when I try to bring it up as a Browser.
1 . It shows up in the panel as it is loading.

2. when it is done it disappears from the panel and nothing else happens.

I checked the FAQ on the Konqueror Website but nothing references this.

I also checked for any error files and there are none.

I'm using the version that came with redhat 7.2 which is 2.2.1.

It's no big deal except that every time I left-click on an embeded link in an
email it uses Konqueror as default which means nothing happens. Then I right
click and copy the link to the clipboard where I can use netscape to open
the link.

It has done this since the second time I opened Konqueror.

Any body have a clue as to where I can go to figure out what's on?

Any help is much appreciated!

Don Kauffman



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