[olug] RS232

Daryl Rose jzlvr1 at cox.net
Sat Mar 23 16:58:02 UTC 2002

Has anyone out there done anything with RS232?  What I am looking for is some good documentation.  Especially trouble shooting.  I've never worked with it in the past, but now I am.  

The company that I work for does a lot of serial work, dumb terminals, printers etc...  I have techs calling in wanting to know if there is a wiring problem, or miss wired D blocks.  Their provided a break-out box that they can plug into the cable.  But once they start rattling off the signals, and start talking DTE to DCE, or DTE to DTE and crap like that, I get lost.  So basically I need something that I can bring myself up to speed on quickly.  

If you know of a good book, or some documentation out there somewhere that I can use, I would appreciate it.

Oh, I almost forgot, some documentation on MUX's, and modems too.

Thank you.

Daryl Rose
jzlvr1 at cox.net

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