[olug] gmc and nautilus

Adam Lassek hayai2 at cox.net
Thu Mar 21 18:37:52 UTC 2002

I'm convinced there is either something seriously wrong with Debian's
Nautilus package, or it really does suck as bad as some people have
said. Basically, it's making my computer hang for a second or two every
5 seconds or so (almost like a constant, irritating hiccup). This is a
fresh install of Woody, and my last install of debian did the exact same
thing. (curiously enough, my now-gone install of Mandrake didn't do
this, and it was the same version of Nautilus--which is why I'm thinking
it's a bad package) Anyway, back to gmc I go.

One question for anyone you can answer... Is there a way for me to
change the default font for gmc? The icons on my desktop are unreadable.


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