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William Kempf williamkempf at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 20 18:29:08 UTC 2002

Hi all,

I'm new here, and new to Linux in general.  However, I'm a computer 
professional with a lot of experience with the Windows operating systems, so 
generally I can figure things out easily on my own.  Unfortunately, there's 
just so much time I can spend on some things and I'm reaching my limit right 

Here's the problem:  I'm having problems getting NewsCache up and running.

Here's the background of what I'm trying to accomplish: I need to be able to 
access the Usenet from anywhere, and my ISP (Cox) doesn't allow this kind of 
access to their news server.  Further, there's some news groups I want 
access to that aren't found in their server.  So, my goal is to set up a 
news server on my own network that I can control the world accesss to that 
will provide me with all the news groups I need to read.  INN is a bit to 
heavy handed for me for a couple of reasons.  First, it appears way too 
complex for this simple usage.  Second, as far as I can tell by researching 
it's a major resource hog, cacheing *all* the news groups that it can 
service out.  I've used a program called NewsPlex in the past on a Windows 
box to multiplex several usenet servers and this program caches only the 
articles actually requested, which kept the resources to a minimum.  
NewsCache appears to do the same thing but even better.

The purpose for all that background is to ask the first question.  Is 
NewsCache the appropriate solution for me?  Or are there other programs that 
would work better somehow, and why?

Now for the actual problem I'm having.  I'm running Lycoris (Redmond Linux) 
and have d/led the tarball for the latest NewsCache and successfully built 
and installed it (at least as far as I know... the ./configure command did 
report that it couldn't find mmap which concerns me).  However, 
documentation for NewsCache is scarce and very poor.  The Web site has some 
instructions that talk about a newscache.conf for version 3, but the 
newschace I've installed has a newscache.conf for version 5 and there's a 
lot of differences... some of which seem important to me (such as being able 
to supply a userid/password for the news server that I'm sucking!).  I 
*think* I've managed to configure it correctly according to the comments and 
examples, but when I connect to the server (from a Windows box using Outlook 
Express) I receive an error "400 NewsCache 0.99.17, service not available".  
So, is there anyone with experience in setting up NewsCache who can help me 

Bill Kempf
Booster - Author Boost.Threads - http://www.boost.org
williamkempf at hotmail.com

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