[olug] OT: After installfest

Jonathan Warren jonwarren at cox.net
Tue Jul 16 14:17:14 UTC 2002

> So, this is the end of this thread – back to *inux stuff please.... 'nuf said about this.

Some linux topics that come to mind. 

I haven't setup my connection logging yet and forgot most of what people have told me before and was wondering if anyone had suggestions for the best way to do it with iptables.  

On the graphics card front I was wondering if anyone has played with radeon 8500 adn binary or open source drivers yet?  I also wanted to mention watch the weather channel and support DRI development.  The Weather chanell is supporting open source development of dri drivers for 8500's.  I think that is pretty sweet.

I gave up on getting my hollywood plus to work in linux.  I have however used the ogle / xine hybrid dvdnav to playback many of my movies and the menus are really maturing fast.  If anyone has not downloaded xine in a while the project has really come a long way.

Are there any xmame or zsnes users on the list?  I have found both programs work great with usb joysticks.  

I am still having problems with the dynamic hosts names at m.olug.org.  From work they only work once a day and then I get messages like this: ssh: thechunk.m.olug.org: no address associated with hostname.  Any suggestions?

-Jon W


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