[olug] OT: After installfest

Brian Roberson roberson at olug.org
Mon Jul 15 20:35:01 UTC 2002

> Perhaps she wasn't after a man at all but rather was interested in some
> conversation and attention without being hit on.  Personally I can talk
> day to a married woman or one I'm not particularly attracted to but get me
> front of a single attractive woman and my brain cuts out (most of the time
> anyways).

When the conversation starts out with "I have been dieing to show someone
pictures of my boobies" ( I SWEAR THAT IS WHAT SHE SAID!! ) and then when
asked "YOUR WHAT???" pull out a pile of pictures of her kid instead... then
to go on and tell you what beer she REALLY likes here, looking at you ever
so inocently so you would buy her a beer? this is not a woman that you would
want to talk to for hours ;-)...


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