[olug] OT Geek women (Was: OT: After installfest)

Daniel Pfile daniel at pfile.net
Mon Jul 15 19:34:19 UTC 2002

On Mon, 2002-07-15 at 13:39, Tanya Loughead wrote:
> Tsk, Tsk tsk... (that's me shaking my head in feminist disapproval) ;-)
> I am surprised that bright, scientific minded guys such as yourselves
> would make broad sweeping generalizations about women based on one or
> two empirical studies.  
> Perhaps next time you boy-geeks go to the Crescent Moon for a few beers,
> you'll need a girl-geek to go along with you to set you on the
> right-minded path. heh heh

Whoa.. my ring comment was a joke, not gospel. I was playing off the
sienfeld (was it?) episode where george tried the ring thing and had it
backfire on him. I was shocked to come back from doing laundry (yes, men
do that..) and see the huge flame fest going on in my inbox... My bad.

Anyway, how about we shift the topic more towards women in the geek
community and computer workplace rather than some warped war of the
sexes. I've personally met two geek women in the past couple days, which
I think is a record. I always wondered more women don't go into the
engineering fields, you'd think the lack of testosterone would make them
less like to go off and do something pointless instead of creating a
better solution in the end. Of course, that's probably offset by the
need to 'prove themselves' in the old boys club.

Anyway, talk amongst yourselves if you wish.

BTW, why didn't you (Tanya) and other people go out with us afterwards
to cresent?

-- Daniel Pfile - daniel AT pfile DAWT net


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