[olug] Compile Problem on Athlon/KT266

Nick Walter waltern at iivip.com
Tue Jul 9 18:47:08 UTC 2002

I had a friend with a similar problem once.  He had a Tyan motherboard with
a KT133A chipset (don't recall the exact model) and he could compile stuff
but anything he compiled himself wouldn't run.  He spent a long time
troubleshooting it as a compiler problem before investigating the RAM.
Turns out the DDR SDRAM he had was in some way incompatible with the
motherboard, even though it should have been just right by listed specs.  I
believe Tyan actually bought him new RAM when he complained to their tech
support loudly enough.

Might want to check with your mobo manufacturer and see if they have
recommendations or certifications in regards to RAM.

Nick Walter


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