[olug] When is the next meeting?

BuzB buzb at cox.net
Fri Aug 30 16:08:49 UTC 2002

On Friday 30 August 2002 10:56 am, Mike Peterson enlightened us with:
> Just east of 42nd Street on Dodge you take a right and then come across.
> It is a special lane to make it possible to go across Dodge at 42nd Street.
> I am busy on Tuesday and Thursday nights or I would be going to the
> meetings myself.
> I am teaching UNIX using Linux.
> It is a course I have been teaching for the last 4 years.
> There used to be 2 meetings a month but topics and speakers for them have
> been slim lately according to the list.
> The Installfest looked like it went well though.


Cool, didn't realize there was a turn lane...disregard my earlier then.

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