[olug] When is the next meeting?

Irv Cobb irvcobb at huntel.net
Fri Aug 30 14:04:17 UTC 2002

Ryan wrote:

> Thanks for the reply.
> I did eventually find a map buried on the FAQ page, with a mention 
> that meetings are at 6:30, but nothing about dates or days.  If I knew 
> the Omaha area that map might help me, but I don't.  Can someone give 
> me the address of the building so I can use Mapquest for it?  Or - I 
> can find Dodge by taking 680 and then the Dodge Street exit, it puts 
> me right by some mall.  Where do I go from there?
680 to Dodge is the long way. Come 29 to 480 to 30th Steet, south to 
dodge, then west. Don't believe the website about parking -- all the 
lots around there are marked not for public use. I've only been to one 
meeting, but sure am wondering where I'll park this time. Anybody have 
any advice?


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