[olug] When is the next meeting?

Ryan rps at willconsult.com
Fri Aug 30 13:15:44 UTC 2002

At 03:59 PM 8/29/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>NO! we hate new people.  GRRRRR! RTFM! GRRRRR! RTFM! GRRR! Roberson is
>mean! GRRRR! We are l33t! GRRRR!
>BTW, http://www.olug.org might list the next meeting.  Otherwise I
>think it is on the first Tuesday of the month. I do know that
>directions are given on the website.  Please suggest a topic if you
>have some specific questions.

Thanks for the reply.

I did eventually find a map buried on the FAQ page, with a mention that 
meetings are at 6:30, but nothing about dates or days.  If I knew the Omaha 
area that map might help me, but I don't.  Can someone give me the address 
of the building so I can use Mapquest for it?  Or - I can find Dodge by 
taking 680 and then the Dodge Street exit, it puts me right by some 
mall.  Where do I go from there?

If your meetings are always on a known day of the month, like the first 
Tuesday, then that's probably great information to put on the site.  I 
would think it would be easier to find if there were a 'meetings' or 'next 
meeting' link on the home page, too.

As far as a topic, I think I saw Gentoo mentioned, I'm sure that would be 
interesting.  Or maybe someone could show us how to get ACPI working on a 
(my) laptop (just kidding)?


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