[olug] Help! School in CB needs computer help.

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Let us/me know what you find during your inventory?

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> My 6 year old daughter just started 1st grade at Trinity Lutheran
> Interparish School in CB.  I spoke with the new principal, and they lost
> guy that helped set up the small computer lab, and he has plans to connect
> all the teachers in the classrooms, the office, and the computer lab.
> Cox has volunteered a free internet connection, and there is cat 5 run to
> almost every room.  I am going there this week, probably thursday or fri,
> do an inventory.  Each room has one PC, unknown OS, processor, memory etc.
> the office has a couple pcs, the lab has 15-20 pcs, about half have
> something wrong (hd bad, no sound etc.)
> I'm thinking this would be a great linux project, but I have to admit my
> interest is great, but the skillset is wanting.
> Anyway, it's not what you know it's who ya know, and I've seen what
> when geeks get together on a project like this( kinda like a pitbull on a
> postman delivering omaha steaks)
> I'm thinking along the lines of the k12linux.org projects, and I am
> equipment donations.
> any input/advice would be appreciated
> Larry Britton
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