[olug] home network

Nate tbrownarcher at cox.net
Wed Aug 14 22:54:56 UTC 2002

I finally got linux on theinternet.  I'm into something new now.
I have a dual boot system with windows on the other side, 2 nic cards
one of which is connected to the internet and the other I wish to
connect to my second computer in a network. The other computer is a
single boot system with windows and one nic card I wish to connect to
the first computer in a way that I can read and write both direction and
can get on the internet with both computers.

Is this possible without a hub or router?  If not at the very least I
want to be able to talk back and forth between the two computers in a
home network and would reluctantly settle for only the one uning the

Thanks very much,

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