[olug] Mozilla Bug in .99-RC1 on all OS's

einer andrew at einer.org
Mon Apr 22 20:50:53 UTC 2002

Carl Lundstedt wrote:

>Tabbed browsing is quite nice, but Opera has this as well. Not to 
>flame/disagree or anything, but I think Opera is superior to Mozilla.  (Of 
>course Opera isn't open source so some people don't use it on philosophical 
>grounds).  I also find Galeon to be very fast, and it is Open source (based 
>on the Mozilla render, but no mail/news/editior built in).

>Really, give Opera a try.  I haven't been a fan of Netscape/Mozilla's all in 
>one response to Mail/news/web for some time now.  I find programs such as 
>Kmail do mail better, Pan does the news better and Opera/Galeon does the Web 
>better (well, except for Java stuff, but I've found nothing that works as 
>well as Netscape for that). So I run those.  This makes for more disk usage, 
>but seems to save on the ram usage (I have no numbers to prove this of 
>course, just my opinion).

Both Opera and Galeon are great.  Unfortunately, Galeon is also 
vulnerable to the browser crashing bug that is giving Mozilla users fits 
right now.  I know that most *nixers would rather have single components 
that do their jobs really really well as opposed to the Mozilla approach 
of having all components function in a servicable (well, better than 
just servicable in my opinion) manner; however, as a converted Windows 
user, I like having everything available to me from a unified interface 
and a single (though monsterous) download.  I also like using a big 
clunky IDE instead of vi, so I think it may just be a matter of taste.

They're so close to having a final release, and I wish them the best of 
luck.  I just hope this most recent bug isn't a show stopping project 



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