[olug] Mozilla Bug in .99-RC1 on all OS's

Carl Lundstedt clundst at unlserve.unl.edu
Mon Apr 22 20:34:21 UTC 2002

On Mozilla...
> maintaining focus on the old one.  I really can't say enough about
> tabbed browsing.

Tabbed browsing is quite nice, but Opera has this as well. Not to 
flame/disagree or anything, but I think Opera is superior to Mozilla.  (Of 
course Opera isn't open source so some people don't use it on philosophical 
grounds).  I also find Galeon to be very fast, and it is Open source (based 
on the Mozilla render, but no mail/news/editior built in).

> Mozilla renders pages so fast it hurts.  Nested tables are usually no
> problem, and in fact, this is the first show stopping bug I've run into
> while using a version after .98.

I've had some real performance issues with Mozilla.  On my 
Really-big-boxxes(tm) I've had little trouble, but lower end machines puke on 
Mozilla.   Resource limiting has never been one of Mozilla's design goals.  
(nor should it be, there are other projects fishing that pond) It (Mozilla) 
strikes me as a resource hog.  For all the speed of Mozilla (rendering) 
without the bloat, please see Galeon.

> Mozilla allows you to block pop-ups and pop-unders with the click of a
> preference button.  This is wonderful when I'm browsing all of those
> pop-up intensive basket weaving sites that I frequent so often....

Ditto with Opera.  Not sure on Galeon.

> Mozilla allows you to alter your user agent string.  This string
> identifies your browser (Mozilla, IE, Konqueror, Opera) to the server.
>  A while ago, when Microsoft was blocking access to it's site from
> certain browsers, this feature allowed Mozilla users to access the site.
Ditto with Opera

> As for cons?  Well it's not the dominant browser in the marketplace.
Well, this isn't really a con specific to Mozilla.  All the Linux/open 
source/non-ie browser suffer this "flaw".  So Mozilla is in good company 

>  This means that some sites will not fix bugs that affect Mozilla as
> quickly as they'll fix bugs that affect Internet Explorer.  Also, as
> noted by my previous e-mail, there are still some bugs left to work out.
>  Lately I've noticed that Mozilla has been much faster and more stable
> than any other browser I currently use,

Really, give Opera a try.  I haven't been a fan of Netscape/Mozilla's all in 
one response to Mail/news/web for some time now.  I find programs such as 
Kmail do mail better, Pan does the news better and Opera/Galeon does the Web 
better (well, except for Java stuff, but I've found nothing that works as 
well as Netscape for that). So I run those.  This makes for more disk usage, 
but seems to save on the ram usage (I have no numbers to prove this of 
course, just my opinion).

Carl Lundstedt


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