[olug] [OT] Jello aka OLUG social event [was: Linuxnewbie.org]

Timothy G. O'Brien IrishMASMS at netscape.net
Thu Apr 18 03:18:31 UTC 2002

I would rate Jello pretty good for his spoken word performance. You can not compare Jello with Henry Rolins – they both discuss different topics, with Jello being more political in his discussion.

Jello has a knack for putting all the pieces together, ignoring the BS and determining the “true” story. Although he discusses some of the topics & his proposed solutions are a bit too “simple”, IMHO – he ends his time with some good recommendations. Ironically, I came to some of those same conclusions & solutions years ago, and have been trying to follow them since.

As Chris mentioned we received our $10 worth – and I showed up late because I was stuick at work. I wish more bands played as long as he spoke for $10 – hell, Henry Rolins only talked for 1 ½ hours, IIRC. I also thought he was very informative, and it was refreshing to hear someone discuss such issues here in Omahell. 

No, he did not mention the discussion regarding internet, electronic media, or fair use. In fact I think he mentioned that he still does not have an email address! 

Funny, I did not see anyone taping the gig. According to Jello, His latest CD is primarily the first part/hour of the show – if you are looking for a bootleg I am sure you know where to look for it! ;-]

Who cares if you are under 18?!!? I have seen loads of “kids” (sorry) at the shows here in town – if you wanted to go you should have showed up!

Well, the management at the Music Box is trying to build a good base & business, trying to improve the music scene in the local area and bring in some good bands. Hell, in the next few weeks I can recall they have Bob Mould and Big Head Todd. Anything to not having to go to the Raunch barf, IMHO!

Sounds like we should start having some OLUG social events. Anyone up to going to see Bob Mould?

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