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Paul T. McNally pmcnally at alltel.net
Thu Apr 18 03:36:41 UTC 2002

On Wed, 2002-04-17 at 21:18, Jordan Wilberding wrote:
> > All in all, very informative, sometimes a paranoid
> > night.  I consider myself lucky to have seen it cause
> > who knows when he'll be back in these parts.
> I was shocked that he ever decided to come here at all :)
Jello does not come around often, but over the years, he has been in
Omaha or Lincoln singing in the Dead Kennedy's and then doing his spoken
word show several times. He probably mentioned it, but it was Tipper
Gore's little Parental Advisory crap that brought the Dead Kennedy's to
an end. At the time the label came out, I was working in a record store
and it was pretty funny how that black and white label made the cds and
tapes irresistable to the kids. They would either steal them or get an
adult to buy the coveted cds for them. Quite the opposite effect of what
Tipper and her fellow do gooders were trying to do. Anyway DK was taken
to court over a poster to what would be theri last album and the court
costs destroyed them. Jello will be back.


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