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Jordan Wilberding diginux at diginux.net
Thu Apr 18 02:18:33 UTC 2002

On Wednesday 17 April 2002 20:58, Chris wrote:
> Ya, I talked to Jello about that and he was upset that
> it was 18 and over cause he only does all-ages shows.
> It did look like some underage folks paid and got in
> thru a side door. :)

I wish I would have known that. I would have came for sure!

> All in all it was very good.  He spoke from 8:30pm to
> 11:30, took a 15 minute break and then spoke right up
> to 1am.  He covered everything from censorship, to
> 9/11 , to his legal battles with the other x-Dead
> Kennedys, to the Seattle protest of '99, to checking
> out Omaha.

Did he happen to talk about the new laws coming out dealing with the internet?
You don't happen to have a bootleg of it either by a chance?

> All in all, very informative, sometimes a paranoid
> night.  I consider myself lucky to have seen it cause
> who knows when he'll be back in these parts.

I was shocked that he ever decided to come here at all :)

Have a nice day,

Jordan Wilberding
diginux at diginux.net


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