[olug] unlock/free frozen process xmms and /dev/dsp w/o reboot?

Brian Wiese bwiese at cotse.com
Sun Apr 14 07:43:34 UTC 2002

On Wed, 10 Apr 2002 09:33:13 -0500
"Brink" <Brink4 at Qwest.net> wrote:

|If it is possibly a hardware problem, which bios revision are you using? 
|too have a bp6 mobo and have had constant problems with revisions 1.22RU
|the LP bios/drivers sets.  You may want to try updating the bios.
|I just went back to the 1.25RU after having multiple freezes like the one
|you state, although mostly mine while running DVD playback.
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Thanks for the info, yeah, I found out I was still using LP... like the
first version!? lol


That new RU though is nice, gotta a pertty blue HPT366 bootup screen now,
and also in a previous update they said they added support upto 40gb hard
drives (largest avail at the time) so that may be a factor perhaps since I
have a 60gb on there now.  Oh, perhaps the problem may be my ... Sound
Card. Yeah, I told everyone I had an sblive in there, but nope, thats in
another computer (i forgot - its in my best computer, but i haven't been
using it for awhile unfortunately) this one's got an ISA sound card!! :)
Sounds lovely to me though!

But thanks, I play with it and see if I still get the same problems, if
not, I'll prolly just get my 'best' box up again and play music on there,
and have this just be the mp3 server as it was intended to be. :)

And yeah, I remember bp6.com !! how many other websites are out there
named after a motherboard by its dedicated users?!  That was a major
highpoint for me in choosing the bp6.  I haven't oc'd mine to 550mhz yet,
but was always planning on it, didn't get lmsensors to install awhile ago,
should try that again.  What are you running on your bp6?

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