[olug] unlock/free frozen process xmms and /dev/dsp w/o reboot?

Brink Brink4 at Qwest.net
Mon Apr 15 00:26:04 UTC 2002

Actually I'm running Dual 550MHz Celerons with 768MB PC-133 Ram.  They're
rinning a little hot at 675MHz or so(it fluctuates) and I plan on rinning
the P3 mods soon, I have a pair of 900MHz.  If you're wondering, they're
just air cooled since the hose leaked.  I set the MOBO upside down so it's
ok.  The processors run about 95 degrees give or take about 10 degrees

This MOBO makes one hellacious Apache/Samba PDC/Wu-ftpd/Sendmail server.  I
still have plenty of processor and ram to run C&C Renegade through.wine.

I just wish I had something better tahn cable to run it through.  BTW - I'm
kinda a linux newbie, more or less a M$ traitor.
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