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Matthew G. Marsh mgm at midwestlinux.com
Fri Apr 12 19:57:49 UTC 2002

On Fri, 12 Apr 2002 bbrush at unlnotes.unl.edu wrote:

> Honestly Eric if you can convince the PTB to let you get rid of W2K I'd do
> it.  You can get file sharing with Linux/SAMBA or a slew of other products.
> If you want my 100% honest opinion I've never run into any NOS that's
> better than Netware for file and print sharing, but for 4 people it's
> overkill with a capital O.

Hmmm - 2 birds - there is a version of Netware called Netware for Small
Business that is for up to 25 users and comes with a complete GroupWise
bundled (GroupWise is Novell's groupware and is IMHO better than Exchange
but below Notes) for these type of setups. GW includes Web based and the
ability to use Outlook or its own client. I ran it myself for years even
when most of the rest of the network was Linux (BTW I still use Netware as
File & Print with Linux). Oh and it also includes BorderManager (Novell's
Firewall) that has a very good proxy server included (BTW the proxy works
fine with NetFilter or other Masq firewalls)

So that might kill off both problems. And if you are interested in this
ping me offline as I still hold my MCNE (was the 2nd ECNE in Nebraska back
in '92) and have worked with Netware quite a bit. Be glad to help.

> I've already stated my preference for Notes, but let me tell you a little
> about my experience.  I started with Notes about 5 years ago when my boss
> said "We need a new e-mail system; find me one".  I had some design
> criteria that eliminated any of the Internet standard e-mail systems, and
> so I wound up working with Notes.  I designed, implemented, and supported
> that Notes system for a couple years, and it's still running.  That was for
> your Nebraska dept of Revenue.  Now I'm working over at NETV, and I'm part
> of the UNL Notes support group.  I take care of the day-to-day adminning
> problems of NETV and work with the admins at UNL IS for the bigger
> problems.  I have a certification in Notes administration and I've used it
> pretty much every day for the last 5 years.  I also do some minor
> development in Notes for custom apps.  The security and flexibility of the
> product is really astounding.

I agree. I think Notes is one of the best GroupWare

> I do think you could easily run a Domino server for 4 people on your AMD
> box.  I had P/200 boxes at Revenue that supported 30-50 users with little
> difficulty.  Just make sure you have plenty of RAM in there.
> Bill
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> Active Directory uses LDAP?  I think I have a machine that I can screw
> up with Win2k server or Linux for that matter.  Another post said to
> separate the servers.  I have an AMD 400MHz machine here, do you think
> that would be enough to handle the load of 4 people using web based
> groupware?
> I may be willing to rip win2k server and install linux if a good
> solution can justify it.  My company is sitting in a good spot right
> now to do this since we only have 4 people to switch over.
> So far I've heard good things about Exchange and Lotus Notes and had a
> suggestion for Shared360 and PHPGroupWare and MyGroupware.  I would
> like to hear some more about people using these programs and their
> experiences.  I don't believe all the stuff they say on their webpage
> because it is mostly marketing.  I would love to hear some actual users
> of these systems.
> Thanks
> Eric
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