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Honestly Eric if you can convince the PTB to let you get rid of W2K I'd do
it.  You can get file sharing with Linux/SAMBA or a slew of other products.
If you want my 100% honest opinion I've never run into any NOS that's
better than Netware for file and print sharing, but for 4 people it's
overkill with a capital O.

I've already stated my preference for Notes, but let me tell you a little
about my experience.  I started with Notes about 5 years ago when my boss
said "We need a new e-mail system; find me one".  I had some design
criteria that eliminated any of the Internet standard e-mail systems, and
so I wound up working with Notes.  I designed, implemented, and supported
that Notes system for a couple years, and it's still running.  That was for
your Nebraska dept of Revenue.  Now I'm working over at NETV, and I'm part
of the UNL Notes support group.  I take care of the day-to-day adminning
problems of NETV and work with the admins at UNL IS for the bigger
problems.  I have a certification in Notes administration and I've used it
pretty much every day for the last 5 years.  I also do some minor
development in Notes for custom apps.  The security and flexibility of the
product is really astounding.

I do think you could easily run a Domino server for 4 people on your AMD
box.  I had P/200 boxes at Revenue that supported 30-50 users with little
difficulty.  Just make sure you have plenty of RAM in there.


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Active Directory uses LDAP?  I think I have a machine that I can screw
up with Win2k server or Linux for that matter.  Another post said to
separate the servers.  I have an AMD 400MHz machine here, do you think
that would be enough to handle the load of 4 people using web based

I may be willing to rip win2k server and install linux if a good
solution can justify it.  My company is sitting in a good spot right
now to do this since we only have 4 people to switch over.

So far I've heard good things about Exchange and Lotus Notes and had a
suggestion for Shared360 and PHPGroupWare and MyGroupware.  I would
like to hear some more about people using these programs and their
experiences.  I don't believe all the stuff they say on their webpage
because it is mostly marketing.  I would love to hear some actual users
of these systems.



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