[olug] Hello people...

Adam Haeder adamh at omaha.org
Fri Apr 5 03:34:58 UTC 2002

Hi Jordan
Welcome to the list! My name is Adam Haeder and I am the VP of the OLUG. 
You might want to check out our website at www.olug.org to find out more 
information about our group. We meet the first Tuesday of every month in 
downtown Omaha at 6:30 pm. We are planning an installfest for this July; 
watch the list, and you'll get more information.
You just missed the April meeting, but I hope you can make it to the next 

Adam Haeder
Technical Coordinator, AIM Institute
adamh at omaha.org
(402) 345-5025 x115

On Thu, 4 Apr 2002, Jordan Wilberding wrote:

> Hi there OLUG,
> I am just sending a message to make sure I am subscribed and also to say hi 
> and introduce myself.
> I am Jordan Wilberding. I mostly post on the HLUG list. I am actually from Le 
> Mars, IA though which is an hour and half drive. I run Mandrake for my main 
> box/server. I also have five 486's clustered with MOSIX and five other 486's 
> acting as independent dummy servers to have fun with.
> I like to program alot, mainly in C++, but I am also learning asm right now. 
> You can see a few of the projects that I am part of if you goto 
> http://wod.sourceforge.net which is a soon to be pure dynamic gaming platform 
> once I get enough free time to actually make it into something. I also work 
> on a project at http://aztec.sourceforge.net which is a 3D Modeller. I am 
> helping port it over to Linux :)
> Anyways, I am just wondering how often you guys have installfests or similar 
> Linux get togethers. Do you have any monthly meetings or anything? I am too 
> far to ever goto Lincoln to their meetings but Omaha is close enough that I 
> might be able to come to a few to see exactly what goes on. 
> Anyways, nice meeting you all.


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