[olug] Hello people...

Jordan Wilberding diginux at diginux.net
Fri Apr 5 01:08:31 UTC 2002

Hi there OLUG,

I am just sending a message to make sure I am subscribed and also to say hi 
and introduce myself.

I am Jordan Wilberding. I mostly post on the HLUG list. I am actually from Le 
Mars, IA though which is an hour and half drive. I run Mandrake for my main 
box/server. I also have five 486's clustered with MOSIX and five other 486's 
acting as independent dummy servers to have fun with.

I like to program alot, mainly in C++, but I am also learning asm right now. 
You can see a few of the projects that I am part of if you goto 
http://wod.sourceforge.net which is a soon to be pure dynamic gaming platform 
once I get enough free time to actually make it into something. I also work 
on a project at http://aztec.sourceforge.net which is a 3D Modeller. I am 
helping port it over to Linux :)

Anyways, I am just wondering how often you guys have installfests or similar 
Linux get togethers. Do you have any monthly meetings or anything? I am too 
far to ever goto Lincoln to their meetings but Omaha is close enough that I 
might be able to come to a few to see exactly what goes on. 

Anyways, nice meeting you all.

Have a nice day,

Jordan Wilberding
diginux at diginux.net


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