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Timothy G. O'Brien IrishMASMS at netscape.net
Mon Apr 1 23:49:02 UTC 2002

What is the deal?? I new it was coming up but did not know anyone from here was going..

Brian Wiese <bwiese at cotse.com> wrote:

>omg, I can't believe its already here, I don't know if I really have a
>vehicle even yet or not... anybody else want to go? (sorry, guess this
>it's a little late/short notice in spreading this info out)
>April 5-7, 2002 - Romulus Marriott - Detroit Michigan
>conference: $40/student ('of life' or whatever, any student)
>hotel: $70/nite/room
>runs from Friday at noon till Sunday at 4pm, 
>(so I dunno if I'll be back in time for class on monday morn?)
>interesting topics:
>"Building and Managing Firewall/VPN Systems with OpenBSD"
>"Distributed Cracking of Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems"
>"802.11: Form, Function, Use and Security"
>"Sniffing 802.11b for fun and profit"
>"CryptoMail: Pervasive and Transparent Email Cryptography for all"
>"Hacking your Urine: A guide to passing drug tests" (hahaha)
>"Running and configuring BIND securely"
>"Using Military Intelligence Techniques for Incident Response
>... and tons more.  Some of the same old, some of the new.
>I have an advanced ticket, and was planning on heading out with my roomate
>and his car, but things aren't so sure anymore. 
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