[olug] Fw: Contest Reminder: Create an SDL Game by 12/1/01

Brian Roberson roberson at bstc.net
Tue Nov 20 05:29:59 UTC 2001


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Subject: Contest Reminder: Create an SDL Game by 12/1/01

> No Starch Press, publishers of PROGRAMMING LINUX GAMES, is pleased to
announce an SDL GAME DEVELOPMENT CONTEST, open to entries from game
developers worldwide.
> Create a complete computer game under 1 megabyte using Simple DirectMedia
Layer, and send it to games at nostarch.com by DECEMBER 1, 2001 and you could
win the entire Loki Software game library, books from No Starch Press, a
subscription to Linux Journal magazine, and more!
> Contest details: www.nostarch.com/?games
> Questions: games at nostarch.com
> Sponsored by
> ------------
> No Starch Press, www.nostarch.com: Publishers of PROGRAMMING LINUX GAMES
> Loki Software, Inc. www.lokisoftware.com: Ports best-selling PC games to
> Linux Journal www.linuxjournal.com: The leading Linux magazine
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