[olug] Compiling 2.4.14 Kernel for GRUB (monolithic)

Mike Hostetler thehaas at binary.net
Mon Nov 12 16:05:58 UTC 2001

On Mon, Nov 12, 2001 at 09:25:09AM -0600, Don Kauffman wrote:
> It's funny this comes  up now because I'm having a heck of a time getting all
> the pieces assembled for a compile. Menuconfig, at least the one I have, is a
> bash shell script off the source CD (redhat 7.2) unless there's another package
> somewhere that has it as source. 

menuconfig is part of the standard kernel source . . .it should be
present regardless of distro.  Note that you have to be in the top-level
of the kernel source, and type "make menuconfig".  It will quickly
compile the menuconfig program and run it.  The menuconfig program requires
ncurses, so maybe you don't have that installed, or it can't find the
include files.

Note that each time you want to configure your kernel with menuconfig, you have
you to type "make menuconfig".

I *know* "make menuconfig" works for 2.4.14, because I used it yesterday.



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