[olug] apt-get question

Mike McNally mmcnally3 at prodigy.net
Sun Mar 18 21:11:34 UTC 2001

So is doing the following the old-fashioned way?
	download source
	make config(xconfig)
	make dep
	make bzImage
	cp bzImage /boot/new_kernel_name
	edit & run lilo

and, is the purpose of the deb to be able to archive your current
kernel?  Sounds like making a deb would be a good idea.

On Sun 18 Mar 2001, Phil Brutsche wrote:

> With Debian there are 3 ways to upgrade the kernel:
> 1) the old-fasioned way :)
> 2) someone else builds the .deb for you
> 3) you make the .deb yourself


Mike McNally		mmcnally3 at prodigy.net

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