[olug] ipmasqadm and napster

Jon thechunk at thechunk.dhs.org
Sun Mar 11 09:32:51 UTC 2001

I am using a cable modem and have a subnet behind an ipmasqed linux box it is a pentium 100.  I have seen download rates upto 400kbits behind the firewall.  I am very happy with the system so far.  

The problem I am having is with Napster.  I want to be able to share my internal computers napster connection with the world.  I setup my firewall rules according to the port listings I have found on the net.  Someone can connect to my machine using any of these rules the problem is that most uploads timeout and no ever gets an upload rate much faster than 3.5kbs.  I don't know what the problem is.  I have tried everything.  Why are connections timing out?  Why is the upload rate so slow.  Any suggestions would be helpful.

-Jon Warren

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