[olug] Musings on Meetings

Paul T. McNally nally at radiks.net
Wed Mar 7 22:32:15 UTC 2001

Jason Ferguson wrote:

> The last meeting at Godfather's had a rather low turnout.  Are people
> interested in moving the second meeting from the pizza place to the
> normal meeting place at Clarkson? If we do this, I need help with people
> discussing topics... one thing people dont want to do, I've noticed.
> (Consider yourself shamed).

I could do a topic.

> Now, last night there was some interest in setting up QMAIL.  Since
> I keep getting a "cant connect to mail server" note on @home right now,
> Id like to hear it too.  Is anyone up to talk about a basic qmail
> installation and setup, especially for those of us tired of Cox's
> difficulties? (Note: It gets worse... cox is consolidating their mail
> servers does to 3-4 big ones nationwide. The spam implications alone are
> rediculous).

Thanks for the heads up. Radiks is now owned by the HIDEOUS Earthlink
and it is my understanding that Earthlink does not want to carry DSL
and I would have to drop back to a dial up if I were to remain with Radiks
(mind you I've been a Radiks customer a very long time - hundreds of years
when measured in Internet time). Kinda sucks to come to an end.

I had been thinking of switching to COX  for a few seconds.

Or I could simply switch to novia.net and keep the DSL,
since I now own the 675 router I have.
I'd prefer to keep the DSL in light that COX is probably as good/bad
as it will ever be. Any changes COX has or does like being successful and
getiing more customers over time can only be bad for all. COX's
success is a bummer for their customers.
Am I wrong?
Vincent? ;-)

What other options do I have?

> Im still aiming at an installlfest for the second half of April.  I have
> the Linuxcare stuff, including 30 of the new version of their business
> cards. We'll need people to volunteer their time and blank cdroms to
> burning CDs for attendees... everyone should leave with their own CD.
> Etc, etc.

I don't have a cdburner yet but I could buy some blank cds and help with
installs for Debian and RedHat. Is RedHat 7.1 s'posed to be out by then?
Installfests are my favourite OLUG meetings.

I understand Shadow Boy is on to something cool - Connectiva?
I might have to get a good soul to burn me a copy of that intersting
soounding distro.


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