[olug] LDAP Meeting

Phil Brutsche pbrutsch at creighton.edu
Wed Jun 27 16:45:13 UTC 2001

Quoting Daniel Pfile <pfiled at marietta.edu>:

> Since this is something I both know alot about, and have an interest
> in, I'm going to try and get out of work for a couple hours and go check
> out the meeting.

Dude, the meeting was last Thursday :)  You missed my postively enlightening
talk about OpenLDAP.

> Yes that's right, I'm actually going to make it to a meeting since
> they're no longer on weekends.  (BAH @ Weekday evening meetings) No, it
> won't become a common thing either, so don't get all excited on me. Heck,
> who even remembers me? Paul? :)

Hey, *I* remember, even though you haven't been to a meeting in, like, a
year :)

> Back on topic, what exactly are you planing on talking about involving
> ldap? Address book? Web authentication? Unix auth (pam, nss, etc)?,
> Email stuff (qmail-ldap, postfix)?, or some other mutant ldap beast?

We didn't get that far.  By the time we got some basic stuff done with the
example setup (compiling openldap, basic hierarchy) is was time to leave;
but we did touch on all that stuff while waiting for the compile.


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