[olug] LDAP Meeting

Daniel Pfile pfiled at marietta.edu
Wed Jun 27 08:37:52 UTC 2001

Since this is something I both know alot about, and have an interest in,
I'm going to try and get out of work for a couple hours and go check out
the meeting.

Yes that's right, I'm actually going to make it to a meeting since they're
no longer on weekends. (BAH @ Weekday evening meetings) No, it won't
become a common thing either, so don't get all excited on me. Heck, who
even remembers me? Paul? :)

Back on topic, what exactly are you planing on talking about involving
ldap? Address book? Web authentication? Unix auth (pam, nss, etc)?, Email
stuff (qmail-ldap, postfix)?, or some other mutant ldap beast?

I know alot about pam, nss, and qmail-ldap. I'm also familiar with zope's
ldap modules, if anybody still uses zope besides me... Anyway, I'd like to
know so I could brush up and be of some use to people at the meeting.

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