[olug] LAN Connectivity

David Walker linux_user at grax.com
Tue Jun 26 01:41:07 UTC 2001

as I see it you are trying to connect the redhat and the ME box to each
other, but not the redhat machine to the internet

add a 2nd network card to your windows machine
assign to it
connect the 2nd network card to your internal hub (the one the redhat box is
connected to now) and disconnect the uplink cable

or, if you are trying to connect both to the internet,
add the 2nd network card to the redhat box.
set the external card on the redhat box to use dhcp and to send your cx
number as the hostname
the external card can be connected directly to the cable modem with a
crossover cable or connected to your external hub and that connected to the
cable modem via the uplink port
set the internal card to

connect your windows machine to the internal hub and set it's IP to, netmask to, dns to @home's DNS address, default
gateway to

configure IPMasq on the redhat machine (look on the internet for help files
on this)
and you're ready to go.

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I'm having trouble establishing connectivity with my M$ ME box with my
RH7.1 box. I'm using @Home as my ISP.
My primary box is the M$ machine. All I'm trying to do is set up
connectivity from the M$ machine to the RH box. Here is how I have the
network setup.
Out of the modem I have it going to the uplink port on my hub. From the
hub I have a line to the M$ box and one to the uplink port on the second
hub. The second hub has the RH box handing off of it.
I configured the RH as follows:
It shares the same hostname, domain name, nameserver, subnet and
Gateway as the M$ box. The IP on the RH is
I'm not able to ping the RH box or the M$ box from either location. I can
ping the lo device. I did move the cables around to see what would happen
to no avail.

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