[olug] LAN Connectivity

LP linuxposse at home.com
Tue Jun 26 01:25:13 UTC 2001

I'm having trouble establishing connectivity with my M$ ME box with my
RH7.1 box. I'm using @Home as my ISP.
My primary box is the M$ machine. All I'm trying to do is set up
connectivity from the M$ machine to the RH box. Here is how I have the
network setup.
Out of the modem I have it going to the uplink port on my hub. From the
hub I have a line to the M$ box and one to the uplink port on the second
hub. The second hub has the RH box handing off of it.
I configured the RH as follows:
It shares the same hostname, domain name, nameserver, subnet and
Gateway as the M$ box. The IP on the RH is
I'm not able to ping the RH box or the M$ box from either location. I can
ping the lo device. I did move the cables around to see what would happen
to no avail.

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